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        Product center
        About us
        Shanghai Neng Xiang Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specialized in selling imported bearings. This specialized company which was established to adapt to the needs of rapid economic development in... [MORE]
        Service promise
        “The customers’ demands are our company’s pursuit.” Adhering to the consistent principle of “high-quality products, high-quality services, reform and innovation, looking to the future” and abiding by the business ... [MORE]
        Contact us
        Tel: +86-21-59997138  59997163

        Address: Room 621, No.1877, Caoao Road, Jiading district, Shanghai


        Address: Room 621, No.1877, Caoan Road, Jiading district, Shanghai  Tel: +86-21-59997138 Fax: +86-21-59997163
        E-mail:shnx888@163.com  Copyright © Shnxjx.com,All rights reserved

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